Siam Blackjack Group is the leading EDP (Electrodeposition Paint) coating service provider in Thailand. The group was founded in 1994, by Mr. Chayut Phibunlaphatroj, to provide EDP coating services for automobile and other metal parts and components. We take pride in our service as we are Thailand’s first EDP coating group to implement a fully automatic assembly line as we offer industrial coating services that are backed by over 25 years of experience. For more than 25 years, Siam Blackjack Group has been an innovator in the thriving automotive industry in Thailand, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and personal expertise for the treatment of metal surfaces. Over these years, we have excelled in the processes of pre-cleaning, coating, and other surface treatments, with solutions that have helped evolve this particular industrial field. Siam Blackjack Group offers up-to-date technology and technical know-how to the ever-expanding line of services designed to supply a wide range of industrial sectors around the world.