Company Vision

To be the company that best understands the needs of its customers while protecting the environment and creating new economic opportunities for people in Thailand.

Company Mission

"Guaranteed Quality. Fast Delivery. Customer First”

“Siam Blackjack Group prioritizes our clients as we have always pursued customer satisfaction from the first moment of order received to the final delivery of the products.”

“For more than twenty-five years Siam Blackjack Group have treated the surfaces of metal parts and other components with our cutting-edge technology and our personnel expertise in order to enhance their appearance, durability, and functionality.”

“Siam Blackjack Group is always finding new innovative technology in order to fulfill our customer needs, encouraging all of our employees to work for the best result.”

The Siam Blackjack Group grew from a small factory of 2,400m² to two factories, Blackjack Industrial Co., Ltd and Lan Tong Industrial Co., Ltd with a total size of 19,668 m² . Both plants are fully equipped with automated lines, one of which is the largest EDP coating facilities in Thailand.